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Welcome to Clothears Costumes and Props, UK based makers and creators of high-end props, costumes and replicas for fans, collectors and production companies around the world.

We produce unique, made-to-measure costumes and props that stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re a dedicated collector looking for that stand out display piece, a costumer hoping to draw attention at the next convention, or a production company searching for a costume and prop partner you can depend on, you have come to the right place.

The Best in Costumes and Props

All our costumes are built in house from scratch. For our replicas we combine painstaking research with our decades of combined experience in the industry following the original production methods as closely as possible. This includes the use of found parts and screen matched materials, ensuring an authentic look and feel for each piece.

We apply this same detail-centric approach to designing and shaping new commissions for advertising, stage, film, and television studios.

How It Works

We work with enthusiasts as well as film and television professionals, delivering the same high standard of work to every client. We follow a specific process, carefully developed over the years, to ensure quality craftsmanship and exceptional customer service.

This is what you can expect from us:

Bespoke Replica Costumes

It starts with your initial inquiry, you can use the contact form here or email us at or chat to us through social media. Once we know what you want from your replica costume or prop, we will provide you with a detailed price breakdown and a list of optional extras, depending on the piece.

We will send you a measurement guide (if required) and ask you to take and supply us with the relevant measurements to ensure a perfect fit. We will also ask you to send us some photographs so we can get a better idea of your body shape and build.

While we wait on your measurements and photographs, we will collect and inspect source images of the original piece in question so we can assess it down to the smallest details. We then craft the piece using techniques and processes faithful to those used to create the original.

As we create your replica, we will send you regular updates on our progress, including pictures, so you can see for yourself how your order is developing.

Once the piece is finished, we calculate the shipping costs based on its size and weight before shipping your carefully packaged replica anywhere in the world.

We always love to see happy customers so once you’ve received your finished costume or prop, please send us photos and provide a testimonial so that we can include you in our social media feeds.

Advertising, Film, and Television Studios

Our process with industry professionals follows a similar pattern, just on a larger scale and with a greater focus on logistics.

From your initial inquiry, we will set up a meeting with your key personnel to discuss your requirements. This might include the director, producer, costume department, FX specialists, or anyone else who has a vested interest in the quality and specifications of the costume.

Following the meeting, we will produce some concept sketches and designs and return them to you for feedback and comments. We will revise the design based on your notes as we move the design ever closer to your particular vision.

Once you’re happy with the design, we will provide you with material samples for the finished product so you can be sure they meet your requirements for durability and visual appeal. From here, we can draft the pattern for the costume and move into production.

We will construct the costume, providing you with regular updates and photographs throughout the process until the finished costume is ready for your actor. If possible they will be invited in for a fitting (or we will visit them on set) and, from there, we can make any final alterations and refinements to the costume before delivering it to set.

Who We Work With

Collectors, Costumers, and Convention Goers

We produce bespoke costumes and props for the fans, whether it’s that grail piece for your display room, a convention crowd pleaser, authentic reenactment wear or just wearing around the house, if that’s what you want them for. All our replica costumes are made-to-measure and screen-accurate. We are always happy to work with costume groups and other specialists to ensure your item will meet the required standards and be approvable prior to shipment.

Museums and Exhibitions

Our costumes and props are of the highest quality, making them perfect for showpieces and collections. We use the same production techniques as used for the original wherever we can, creating museum-quality costumes and props that are identical and faithful to the source material.

Film, TV, Theatre and Advertising Studios

We work in collaboration with advertising, stage, film and television studios, their production, costume and prop designers to create and deliver fully fitted costumes for any visual media product. All costumes are designed to be durable, comfortable and are carefully fitted to your actors, their stand-ins or stunt doubles.

Who We Are

Clothears Costumes and Props is a family-run business that has been producing quality costumes and props for almost 20 years. It was founded by Alison and Jude, both of whom are art college graduates.

Alison has a HND in textiles and surface pattern and has been a costume maker for theme parks, advertisers, mascots, theatre and so much more, making her an expert on soft parts for each costume.

Jude began his career as a graphic designer before studying for his degree in SFX modelmaking and makeup for film and TV, which he also teaches at University, making him our hard parts specialist.

Of course, it takes more than two people to produce a film or TV standard replica costume. Fortunately, we have our own network of talented and experienced freelancers that we can call on to assist us with the production of your costume. Thanks to our careful vetting and selection system and our detailed construction process, we can guarantee high quality and accuracy across the board.

What’s in a Name?

Clothears is a term that originates in the North West of England, which is where we are from. It comes from the days of the Industrial Revolution, when workers in the region’s famous cotton mills would be made hard of hearing by the machinery. These people were said to have “cloth ears” as a result.

Our Work

ESB Boba Fett

ROTJ Boba Fett

Special Edition ROTJ Boba Fett

The Ranger


Modern History – YouTube Channel

Client Review

What our clients say about us.

I can honestly say the quality of the Boba Fett soft parts - flight-suit, flak vest and gloves are second to none, Alison and Jude research everything to the nth degree meaning you get exactly as it was on screen, you get what you pay for and it shows. I’d have no hesitation in recommending Clothears Costumes as the superior supplier of screen accurate costumes for the professional costumer, the whole process from start to finish from the initial enquiry to the finished product is excellent.

Gary Leach Client

I had always wanted a clothears Imperial cap and as such when it came time to buy one, there wasn't any other choice for me. My cap was delivered swiftly and is simply majestic. It fits beautifully and looks great. I would buy from clothears all day long as their customer service and quality is second to none.

TIE Mikey (TI-17871)

Michael Walker Client

To say that Clothears have an obsession for detail would be an vast understatement. Every visit to their studio is an education on the latest costume part discovery, or a new source of rare material that’s essential to create the perfect look. Not to mention the excellent fit and finish, which allows every customer to enjoy their costume to the full.

Steven Sterlacchini Client

First of all, I haven’t worn anything comparable. The fabric feels excellent. Alison & Jude know what they are doing. Made to measure for your own preference. All the reviews I got from Star Wars fans or enthusiasts were incredible. One said: You look more like ROTJ Boba than ROTJ Boba himself. If you hear something like that, you already know how good you look. Same for the amount of work and time went into the flight suit, vest and gloves Clothears Costumes and Props made for you. The result is FANTASTIC. Time and money very well invested. It is worth the time waiting for. ESB Boba already ordered.

Fritz Goldschmidt Client

I've worn my costume a few times now, and initially, I wasn't very familiar with Imperial Officers. When I first received my costume, I thought it was nice but didn't give it much thought. However, during my first troop, I saw other officers wearing costumes from different vendors, including Wampa Wear. That's when I truly realized how incredibly amazing your work is. The quality difference compared to other vendors is absolutely outstanding. I'm really glad I chose you!

Adam Mackall Client

Our Vision

As makers our vision is simple, we want to make nice things and make them to the highest standards, that’s what really makes us happy. As collectors we want the coolest and most accurate pieces to display so we understand what other collectors want and need. As fans we want to be part of the community and we want other fans to own and enjoy the things that we make, what more could we ask.

Our Culture

Different projects require different approaches. When replicating a prop or costume we always use original production methods wherever possible, working directly from the original source material, so that our accuracy is second to none. We are obsessed with detail. We work closely with you and the community, making sure our replicas are perfect.

A commission to build an original piece is carried out using modern materials and techniques, research and development will go into ensuring comfort, durability and functionality are achieved and the final piece is approved by art departments and directors.

The common thread for all projects is that we keep you in the loop throughout the production process, sending you regular photos and updates to ensure you’re completely happy with our work.

Get the Ball Rolling

So what are you waiting for? Is there a costume or prop that you’ve always dreamed of? Would you like to discuss a new project? Get in touch with Clothears Costumes and Props today.

Send us your inquiry using the form on our contact page, and either Alison or Jude will be in touch to discuss your project. We’re all ears.