Boba Fett hip pouches

Having built soft parts for Boba Fett costumes for the last 10 years we are now very familiar with all the variations of the costumes, the hip pouches having the most variations. Below we have listed the pouch options we offer for commission, when submitting your Boba Fett costume order please select which pouches you […]

The making of the Lando Calrissian Cloud City Administrator cloak

This cloak has been a long time in the making. It was originally set to be a charity project as members of our close families were treated for cancer, we hoped to make the cloak and auction it off for charity, which we still plan to do. Unfortunately life got in the way and this […]

Ten Years Of Fett

We have now been building Boba Fett costumes for the last ten years and for which the journey and progression has been truly amazing. Our Boba Fett costumes are the culmination of ten years painstaking research by ourselves and all the lifelong Fett fans that have advised us along the way. With the help from […]

The accuracy of the Skiff Guard helmet

Our Skiff Guard helmet has been a long time in the making. Years of researching, prototyping and developing. Having sought out as much reference as possible from books, online sources and screen grabs, Jude also hunted down any found parts and used them for size reference. Using photoshop to overlay photographs of his sculpts onto […]

Wampa and Luke Skywalker diorama

We are proud to finally be able to share our work on this awesome Wampa and Luke diorama that we were commissioned to make the Luke Skywalker Hoth costume for. Michael from Starkiller77 and Collection Wars (both on YouTube) contacted us to tell us about his plans for this life-size Wampa display and asked if […]

Boushh Helmet Review

Star Wars Helmets is a fantastic site that offers excellent unbiased reviews of many replica helmets from various vendors. We were very honoured when they reviewed our Boushh helmet. The review shows some great photos of our helmet and offers a side by side comparison to the original, please visit them and check out the […]

Biker Scout Project

In 2016 we were very honoured to be asked to take part in the ‘Biker Scout Project’ we were handed a Biker Scout Helmet kit, (generously donated by RS Propmasters for this worthy cause) and tasked with re-imagining it in any way we liked. Since we have a fondness for the Boushh helmet we decided […]

‘Paul’ the movie

Here are some pictures of Kristen Wiig wearing one of our Boushh costumes in the movie ‘Paul’ (2011), this was the first Boushh costume we made and was Alison’s personal costume that she wore to conventions. It was a long time ago (pun intended) and our Boushh costumes have been upgraded several times since then […]