Darth Maul

Under tunic

The under tunic is made from a fine-weave black linen, lined with the same black linen. There are darts at the shoulder and waist, front and back, and a piped collar with the five detail stitch lines growing visibly closer to one another at the chest front. It fastens with two black hooks and bars, and the finished product finishes level with the back of the knee and is split up the side to 11cm from armhole.


The tunic is made from a medium/heavy weight black linen. The body is lined with black satin and the sleeves are partially lined. It features a sloped neck with long sleeves which have pleats at the tops where they meet the armholes. There are then dart pleats on the lower arm that create a puffed effect, and finally the lower pleats are then lined for comfort. The tunic has slits up the side, and there is also one long sash that goes around the neck and hangs down each side with two further short sashes which hang from the waist. These sashes are made from crinkle black fabric and are lined with black satin, with the neck sash then permanently attached to the tunic. The back of the tunic has the cut out rectangle up to the waist, with the back flap section lined with black satin.


The trousers are made from black woven fabric. The pants are slightly baggy with a drawstring waist, extra large gusset to allow for a large range of movement, and spandex foot stirrups for ease of dressing and to hold the trouser legs in place.

Belt and leather obi

The obi is made from soft black clothing leather (which isn’t easy to find as it is extremely difficult to find a hide long enough to make the back belt without joining the leather). The under belt is then lined with black satin and is also stiffened with a gauze to stop it from creasing and rolling over. It fastens at the side, and has (hanging from the front) a wide sash made of black crinkle and lined with black satin. The outer belt is made up from four strips of leather dyed black and finished to a satin gloss. These strips are riveted together using a back strip and small black rivets and across the back is a solid strip which velcro’s fastened. There is also a Covertec clip for the saber.


The soft black leather detail free gloves are purchased and then a cuff is added.

Unfortunately we no longer offer the cloak for commission due to the sheer amount of fabric and labour involved in it’s production, for information on this or other costumes that you can have custom made for you by Clothears Costumes contact us here or message us on FaceBook.