Dr Who

4th Doctor – Tom Baker

Having already made the Colin Baker costume, it seemed a natural progression to move on to the 4th Doctor, Tom Baker. This was a costume which had caught my eye at the Dr Who Exhibition during its residence in Blackpool; I really liked the colour scheme, and compared to Colin’s costume this is, shall we say, quite tasteful! As luck would have it, we were fortunate enough to be approached by a gentleman who had one of the original costumes and who was willing to allow us access to it, giving us opportunity to examine its construction and take lots of photo’s and measurements. Our costume has been created using all the information we sourced from this analysis of the original costume, along with numerous follow up trips to Blackpool for further study.

This costume began with the breeches: We sourced the fabric, which is burgundy corduroy, along with an off white silk lining fabric which is used at the waist and set to with the patterning. The breeches are calf length and have a zip fly, side adjusters which were near impossible to find (to this day we have only managed to source the two that are on these breeches!) and button fastenings with elastic at the knee. They are an absolutely stunning pair of pants.

Next came the socks. We hunted around for both the correct coloured sock wool and a competent knitter who was able to replicate the Argyle pattern before commissioning them to knit us the socks. We had to laugh at the first pair we made, they were huge!  But we found the perfect use for them – and they’ve been our Christmas stockings ever since! From here we moved on and found the original maker with whom we secured an order. The socks are a big part to this costume and really compliment the outfit.

The shoes in our photo are not screen accurate but they are as close as we have managed to source without commissioning a pair to be made.

Next came the coat. It is made from burgundy Melton Wool, it is full length and is lined with a burgundy sateen cotton. The coat is double breasted and has real leather buttons along with working button holes, while the collar of the coat is made from velvet.  There are also working pockets, a back placket and button detail in the opening at the back. I love this coat and wouldn’t part with it. If the building was on fire this is one of the things I’d grab.

Work on the waistcoat was difficult. We were unable to find the same fabric and the cost to have it made would be phenomenal. The fabric in the photo is the best we have managed to source to date. The patterning of the waistcoat is the same with the pockets, width adjuster and covered buttons.  We will continue our search for the correct fabric.

The shirt has never gotten any further than the embroiderers; we have had numerous attempts at the question marks and still haven’t perfected them – one day I will return to this costume and complete the shirt and the scarf and put my sonic screwdriver to work!

6th Doctor – Colin Baker