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As well as producing the very best in replica costumes for fans, enthusiasts and collectors, Clothears Costumes and Props also creates original costumes and props for the film, and television, theatre and promotional industries. We work with production companies from all over the world, from the smallest independent filmmakers to major studios, delivering products of the highest quality every time you hire us.

Common Problems with Film and TV Costumes

With decades of combined experience in the industry, we know the kinds of problems that can beset directors and producers on almost any production. These are some of the most common ones, based on feedback from our extensive client list:

Meeting production schedules

Production schedules are hectic and depend on lots of diverse parts coming together at the right time. Delays from one department can affect the entire production, severely impacting budgets, timescales, and delivery. Costumes and props are a large part of that process, so you need a firm that won’t hold you back.

Low quality costumes

Nobody sets out to make a film or TV production that looks bad. You want your finished product to look incredible, whether it’s on a cinema screen or being streamed to someone’s phone. You invest thousands in the right actors, camera crew, lighting and FX experts, post-production specialists, and more. It counts for nothing if the costumes don’t match the quality of the rest of the filming process.

Costume failures

Nothing is likely to stop a shoot dead in its tracks like a tear in one of the leads’ costumes. Getting it repaired can take time that you simply can’t afford, leaving everyone else twiddling their thumbs and costing the studio money while you wait for a repair. Damaged costumes can ruin film continuity, requiring multiple reshoots to get it right, which will also inflate your budget, let down your end client, and earn the studio a bad name.

Accuracy and continuity

Most actors don’t do their own stunts, and many studios will use stand-ins for second unit work and continuity shots. This means that each stuntperson and stand-in will need their own copy of the costume, tailored to their measurements, and each costume must be an exact replica. Even if the stunt costume needs to be adapted to protect the wearer, the on-screen effect must be flawless if you want to keep post-production costs to a minimum.

What Clothears Costumes and Props Can Do For You

While the problems listed above can be a nightmare for even the most experienced director or producer, help is at hand. Here at Clothears Costumes and Props, we have the experience and the resources to mitigate each of these issues. This is what you can expect from us:

Delivered On Schedule And Budget

When you hire us to tackle your costumes and props, we work within your schedule and your budget. We have a dedicated and reliable network of subcontractors and freelancers that help get your project over the line on time without sacrificing quality. If we can’t meet your timetable for any reason, we will let you know from the outset and provide you with a realistic time frame for completion. This ensures you will never be let down.

High-End Materials And Production Techniques

Here at Clothears Costumes and Props, we do whatever it takes to deliver quality. Working closely with your brief, we use the best materials and a combination of modern and traditional production techniques to deliver exquisitely crafted costumes and props that you can be proud of. Our experienced artists and designers have an eye for detail and bring decades of industry experience to every project.

Durable Costumes, With Purpose In Mind

We work closely with your production teams to understand what each costume is expected to deal with for the lifetime of the shoot. This helps us create costumes that will perform as well as their actors, however hard they are put through their paces. By designing with functionality as much in mind as appearance, we ensure there are no unexpected holdups to production and that your actors and crew are kept safe.

Accurate Stencilling and Detailing

When it comes to creating a realistic and believable film or television production, continuity is everything. Every splash of mud, battle scar, and paint chip must be the same between actors and scenes. We take great care with costume continuity, paying attention to every detail, however small. We use stencilling and photography to ensure all our costumes are identical for your stunt teams and stand-ins, so that everything flows smoothly during production.

Who We Are

Clothears Costumes and Props is a family-run business with a history spanning over 17 years. Our founders, Alison and Jude, are both art college graduates with decades of relevant, hands-on experience in the film and television industries between them.

The design work is handled in-house, with some production work distributed to our network of trusted subcontractors. Each of these experts is someone that we have worked with for years and that we know shares our commitment to quality workmanship and customer satisfaction.

Our production process has been developed over the years to ensure all costumes and props meet the precise specifications of our clients. We work hard to ensure that all our products are of the highest standard and delivered on time.

Our Work

The Haunted Express to Cursed Willow Woods – The Pumpkin Patch People

Santa’s Magical Christmas Grotto – Santa

Santa’s Magical Christmas Grotto – Mrs Santa

Let’s Get Started

With any television or film production, time is of the essence, so don’t delay. Book an exploratory meeting with our costume and prop makers today to discuss the brief in person or over a video call. Use the secure contact form elsewhere on this page or send us your brief via email, and we will be in touch as soon as possible to start making your vision a reality.