Obi Wan Kenobi

Under Tunic

The under tunic body is made from a cream fabric just like the original so that it does not show through the outer tunic, The collar are made from a brown wool jersey with it’s characteristic three pleats. The sleeves are made from the same wool jersey as the collar and have extra length for gathering at the cuff.

Outer Tunic Set

Our tunic is made from a 100% crinkled cotton fabric which has been professionally dyed. The tunic is a fully lined wrap over construction with collar and shoulder tucks. The tunic set features tabards that extend past the hem of the tunic at the front and end under the obi at the rear, these secure to the tunic at the shoulders with snaps to avoid unsightly slipping during wear. Our obi are constructed in the correct manner to achieve a true replica of the movie garments, this means being cut on the bias and allowing for excess fabric in the front, resulting in a pleasing and accurate diagonal gathering.


Patterned in a traditional fishtail construction method from cotton twill weave fabric, our trousers feature a front fly fastening, yoke back with adjustable cinch and include button-on braces (suspenders) and spandex foot stirrups to avoid excessive gathering above the boots.


The utility belt is made from a high grade vegetable tanned leather, stained and finished by hand. The narrow strap fastens with a screen accurate working metal buckle at the front. The belt has all the correct hardware and has the wrap over at the back. The belt fastens in the same way as the movie belts and does not utilise hook and loop.

Unfortunately we no longer offer this costume for commission, for information on other costumes that you can have custom made for you by Clothears Costumes contact us here or message us on FaceBook.