Costume Description


The Clothears Boushh helmet is the most accurate replica of Leia’s original available, accurate not only in shape and size but also in it’s construction. Our helmet is vac formed just like the screen used version making it much lighter and more comfortable than a resin casting. When sculpting and moulding the prototype we took time to study the original so that we understood how it was constructed and where the plastic shell pieces were joined. Every effort was made to reproduce the look of the original as closely as possible including it’s asymmetry.

For us one of the coolest characteristics of the Boushh helmet is the amount of kit bashing or found model parts that were used to detail the original. Since starting to research and make Boushh parts in 2006 we have been on a continuous quest to identify these small model kit parts, we can now say that we have positively identified (and use first generation casts of) 19 out of 20 kit parts used on the helmet, the one unidentified part is actually hidden behind other parts and we would confidently say that only a few people in the world are likely to even know that it is on the original, quite possibly just ourselves and the original maker.

Our fully built and painted helmet features:

• Vac formed main shell

• Laser cut detailing

• Cast resin replicas of 19 found model kit parts

• Grey smoked lower visor

• Green upper visor

• Resin and aluminium range finder stalk

• Machined aluminium range finder tip

• Real leather applied to the snout and rear (fully weathered)

LED Lighting (Optional extra)

Custom made LED lighting by Fettronics, designed to fit the Clothears Boushh helmet, fitted to your helmet, easily removable for maintenance. Requires a 9v battery (no battery supplied with the helmet to outside the UK due to export restrictions).

Helmet Liner (Optional extra)

Helmet lined with soft foam backed black material for comfort, comes with re-positionable pads to adjust the fit.


The cowl is made from brown pig suede. As there is very little information on this garment we have constructed it so it to be as inconspicuous as possible. The cowl fits the neck up to the chin snuggly and zips up the back to mirror the under tunic. This then poppers to a simple black jersey balaclava which can be washed. In the film we see the suede cowl has rolled at the edge showing that it is not fully attached to the head.

Under tunic

The under tunic is made from sateen cotton and brown pig suede. The bottom of the under tunic is simply over locked like the original and there is a zip up the back. The suede upper of the under tunic is sewn to the cotton like a bib. The sleeves are long, lined in black satin and gather at the wrist, they have the wrist opening which are brought together with hook & eye fasteners and large hand stitches, they also have the thumb slots. The sleeves are faced with leather and finished off with 16 hand spikes.


The tunic is been made from pig suede. It has front facings and elbow length sleeves.


The flexible shoulder armour is made from flexible resin. This gives it the correct look as seen in the screen worn fibreglass armour but a lot more flexibility. The rubber/resin is dyed brown and then weathered down. The neck of the armour is cushioned with pig suede for comfort like the original. The armour has the velcro attachment for the com link and the hooks for the cummerbund elastics. The chest com link cast from solid resin painted and stencilled.


The tanks, just like the helmet are detailed with found model kit parts, the larger of the two tanks is now built from completely found parts or casts from found parts, the main body of the tank and the handle that joins it to the smaller tank are sourced pieces identical to the ones used on the original screen used tanks. The tanks are mounted to a backing board and attach to the shoulder armour with a leather strap using snap fasteners and velcro just like the original tanks. The tanks are lightweight and are painted, detailed and weathered to be as authentic as possible.

Bandoleer and cloak

The bandoleer is made from silver grey webbing of the correct width with all the correct stitch detailing. It wraps over the shoulder and around the waist, we have built in some adjustability at the back which is hidden by the tanks. On the shoulder strap are all the cast resin parts using many pieces cast directly from found model kit parts. The six rods are custom machined aluminium and are held in place by the correct chevron weave webbing. The waist strap carries the two cylinders and two functional storage tins and fastens with a weathered ski clasp. The cloak is made from hemp, it has the 1” hem all the way around and attaches to the bandoleer just like the screen used cloak with a combination of snap fasteners, hand sewing and hook & eye fastener.


The cummerbund is made from brown pig suede and is also lined with pig suede like the original. It has 16 lines of piping and fastens the back with lacing and has a wrap to hide the lacing. The cummerbund is then weathered.


Belt made from high quality leather that is dyed and finished to the correct colour and is sewn to a weathered, cast nickel buckle.


Beige suede gloves purchased and a black satin cuffs are added.


The trousers are made from leather which is painstakingly hand painted, weathered and finished. The trousers are the most difficult part of the soft parts and take the most time to make. They have the lycra stirrups for the feet to help hold the trousers in place, pleated lower legs with dart detail at the knees, a zip fly and all the labour intensive black markings are applied by hand.

Boot covers

The boot covers are made from beige pig suede and lined with pig suede. They have the upright boot cover which is quilted with vertical stitch lines, every other of which is double stitched. They cover the lower calf and then have the strap across the high ankle which is quilted and piped up to the disc. The disc’s are cast from resin and have the correct model part detail. The discs are sprayed to the correct colour and weathered. The back of the boot cover velcro’s to a connecting pad which also carries the ski clasp and vintage fasteners.

For information on this or other costumes that you can have custom made for you by Clothears Costumes and Props contact us here.