Dark Fables

Costume Description

British Independent film maker Richard McEvoy-Crompton contacted us to commission a couple of costumes for a pilot episode of a supernatural, action adventure, based on the folk law, myths and legends of Britain. Rick asked if we could design and make two coats, the first coat being for the lead character Addison and the second coat for Reynardine. Addison’s coat needed to be loosely aristocratic, loosely ecclesiastical and move well on camera. As a demon hunter he has to be able to move freely during brawl scenes, chasing scenes and the coat has to allow him to do this. The coat was made from a medium weight pinstripe wool, fully lined with a velvet collar. We pleated, vented and placed a strap adjustment on the back of the coat. The coat could either be worn open or fully fastened using the double breasted buttons and collar strapping.

The Reynardine coat had to symbolise a fox, which is what the character is based around. Made from a flecked wool, the face of the character is framed in fake fur, all of which is heavily distressed. Inside the coat are buttons which have foxes moulded onto them to help enforce the character the actress is portraying.

Following construction we visited the film set for the selected scenes and dressed the actors and maintained the costumes.

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