Costume Description

Here is a project we worked on alongside the University of Bolton to create a cybernetic arm for a character in a Sky Atlantic production titled ‘Intergalactic’. The brief was to make the arm look industrial and too large for the actress to give the appearance of found and salvaged tech. Our deadline was very short for the whole build and we had to build two (stunt and hero), Jude as part of the university team built the hard parts which were a combination of 3D prints and vacuum formed shells and Alison created the understructure (minus the glove) to which all of this was mounted. The understructure was made from comfortable fabrics with piped rubber details and heavily weathered.

The show was postponed due to Covid and the scene in which the arm debuted was moved to season two, unfortunately the show didn’t get picked up for a second season and so the arm was never seen.

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