Lando Calrissian – Cloud City Cloak

Costume Description

We are so proud of this stunning Lando Calrissian Cloud City cloak, a true icon of the original trilogy. What made this cloak so memorable? It’s flamboyant appearance amongst the often quite understated and muted costumes seen throughout the trilogy, the perfect attire for the suave scoundrel Lando.

There was no way that this cloak could be replicated without accurate fabrics and we have been able to source the totally screen accurate brocade lining that will really make this piece pop in anyones collection. To complement the lining we have had the blue wool custom dyed to the correct shade and finished the cloak with a real leather collar. There is over twelve metres of cloth in one cloak which gives it that amazing fullness and weight. The wool hem is unfinished just like the original whilst the brocade lining is machine hemmed and pattern matched to reference material.

Supplied with a linen tailors dummy and custom plaque (still to be finalised and mounted on the neck cap), the presentation of the cloak is truly museum quality and would undoubtedly be a rare and standout addition to any display.

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