Pre Pro #2 Fett

Costume Description

Our Boba Fett flight suits are the culmination of years of painstaking research by ourselves and other lifelong Fett fans, it is the most accurate suit available and features details that most people do not know are on the original suits. There are slight variations between all the suits that we have meticulously replicated. Our suits include the built in quilted neck seal, screen accurate holes for the pipes and cables, all of the correct pocket details and the ankle adjusters. Every aspect of this suit has been scrutinised by our selves and other Fett fans, if you truly want screen accuracy this is the suit for you.

Screen accurate detailing includes:

• Integrated ridged neck seal that tapers toward the jaw.

• Vintage fastening applied to the neck seal, as used on the original suits.

• Concealed zip opening.

• Under sleeves feature open cuffs with correct cuff stitch detailing.

• Over sleeves have accurate pipe holes for gauntlet pipes.

• Sleeves feature wide rolled seams.

• All in one top and trousers.

• Thigh pockets are constructed in the same way as the original, same seams, same flap attachment, same Velcro fastenings, even the same hidden pocket discovered by Clothears, now verified as being present on the originals.

• Shin pockets patterned around found part tools.

• Ankle adjusters, patterned and constructed to be as accurate as possible.

Side Pouches

One plain grey/beige cotton twill right pouch, foam insert, one plain pinkish beige, cotton twill left pouch, foam insert. A mirroring pair with larger side of flaps closing away from crotch, flaps applied with two rows of stitching and not hand stitched closed. The white velcro has been removed from tops and roll tops applied.

Upgraded pouches as of February 2024. The photograph showing just the side hip pouches is correct and has replaced the the hip pouches seen in the full body shot.

Flak Vest

The Flak vest has had just as much time spent on it in terms of research, development and prototyping as the flight suit, just achieving the correct shape for the sleeves took many attempts but the end result is well worth the effort as this is now the most accurately patterned vest available. To compliment all of the accurate patterning we have now sourced what we believe to be the most accurate fabric available, it has taken years to find but we are extremely pleased with the look of it. If you are going for total screen accuracy with a metal replica jet pack harness, we can also include the correct openings on the back of the vest for your harness attachments to feed through. The vest in made from a cotton fabric and fastens at the back with Velcro.

Screen accurate detailing includes:

• Screen accurate fabric.

• Correct rear opening (varying between Super Trooper/ Pre Pro #2/ ESB / ROTJ) with Velcro fastening.

• Cap sleeves with correct shaping, correct number of quilted lines and they are attached to the body in a very specific (screen accurate) way.

• The main body of the vest is specifically cut to replicate the shape of the original vest, this alone took many attempts and prototypes to get a truly accurate end result.

• The side seams are accurate to the Super Trooper/ Pre Pro #2/ ESB versions of the vest, being machine stitched with a reinforcement stitch line.

• The optional harness/chest light openings are hand stitched and then finished with a machine stitched reinforcing border, the chest light opening does not have the reinforcement stitching – just like the original.


The cowl is made from the same fabric as the flight suit collar. The upper hood is pleated with a double ended Velcro chin strap fastening. The lower section of the cowl is made from stretch fabric and Velcro’s to the inside of the helmet. We sell the this cowl with the tubular neck section as seen in the Dressing the Bounty Hunter photographs. There are also images where the cowl has been roughly cut down the centre front middle. By selling the cowl with the tubular neck section it gives you the option to cut it down the middle should you wish.

Fully Made Gloves/Glove kit

A fully made pair of gloves involves a lot of time consuming hand sewing. For us to supply fully finished gloves results in a price that reflects this, because of this, past customers asked that we also offer the gloves as kits for them to apply the quilted detailing in their own time resulting in a much more affordable price. We produce all the quilted parts ready to be applied and we attach the cuffs for you, the kit comes with a diagram to illustrate the placement of each piece and we even include the correct colour thread.

For information on this or other costumes that you can have custom made for you by Clothears Costumes and Props contact us here.