Santa’s Magical Christmas Grotto – Santa

Costume Description

This costume was made alongside the Mrs Santa costume for Santa’s Magical Grotto over in Northern Ireland. We had free rein over the design of the these costumes so long as they remained traditional and recognisable as Father and Mrs Christmas. We opted to design the costumes with a Scandinavian feel, as though Santa had travelled from the North Pole to Northern Ireland where he was warmly welcomed by a Magical Grotto.

Santa’s costume comprises of a hat, shirt, waistcoat, coat, and dungarees. The majority the costume is made from warm wool blends. As this costume is a for a meet and great experience, both indoor and outdoor, we made the costume breakdown into different layers and looks for each environment.

The hat and coat are made from wool blends and are fully lined. All the fur is completely removable for cleaning purposes. Santa’s coat has Henry VIII style over sleeves which are trimmed with a wool mix braid.

The shirt is made from a printed pinstripe cotton that we then machine embroidered and trimmed with ribbon and lace.

The dungarees and made from a thick corduroy, fully lined with cotton. They have stirrup feet for ease of pulling on boots. This also helps with the appearance of the costume and stops the trouser leg from gathering.

The waistcoat is made from a melton wool and is fully lined. It is trimmed with a wool mix braid and has three red corded frog fasteners.

The belt is made from a strip of veg tan leather. The design was drafted by Jude and then 3D printed. This 3D print was then used as a stamp to press the design into the moist leather. Once dry the belt was dyed, finished and connected to a brass purchased buckle.

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