The Ranger

Costume Description

Ranger costume 

Having been approached by Jason Kingsley from Rebellion and Modern History You Tube Channel, we were asked to produce a stunning Fantasy Ranger costume based on a concept drawing that he had had drawn up by his concept artists at Rebellion. Jason also asked us to produce a costume for his re-enactment horse Warlord. We set to work sampling. Alison’s educational background specialising in textiles and embroidery was put to very good use. This is her favourite part of the whole process of constructing a new costume, trialing materials, developing textures and experimenting with new techniques. We put three concept ideas forward, three different construction techniques and three price brackets. Jason chose to opt for concept two which was machine made construction, durable and comfortable with beautiful intricate decoration. 

Jason’s costume was to consist of a gambeson, surcoat, cloak, gloves and gaiters. Being a master of all things historical Jason opted to use his own bridal equipment and armoury. Jason’s costume is made from hand dyed linens, cottons, wools, leathers and suedes and is heavily weathered. The fabrics are embellished with braids, leather thonging, leather toggles and mass amount of intricate hand decoration. This costume was an absolute joy to make, we thoroughly enjoyed every part and was very sad to see it leave the workshop. 

Warlord’s costume comprises of a travelling blanket, bedroll and chaffron made from hand dyed linens, cottons, wools, leathers and suedes and is heavily weathered to compliment Jason’s costume. Measuring a horse for costume was a first for us at Clothears but we accepted the challenge and are very pleased with the end results.

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Penannular made by Runesmith

For these photographs the costume has been kindly modelled by Richard McEvoy-Crompton