Ten Years Of Fett

We have now been building Boba Fett costumes for the last ten years and for which the journey and progression has been truly amazing. Our Boba Fett costumes are the culmination of ten years painstaking research by ourselves and all the lifelong Fett fans that have advised us along the way. With the help from Killstripe Studios, Keegan Brosseau, Bryan Curtis #esbfett and Eric Anderson #ordmantell, just to name a few, we hope we are now able to offer most accurate soft parts available with details that most people don’t even know are on the original costumes. Without this help from the fans we would not have achieved such a high level of detail, so we thank you all, thank you.

Over the ten years we have tackled every variation between the Super Trooper, Pre Pro II, ESB, ROTJ and SE ROTJ costumes. From the stitch details and finishing to the variation of colour. The colours have been a popular area for discussion, we debated for a long time and many test dyes were created to capture what we hope are the correct colours. We are now pleased to be able to offer the costumes in Super Trooper White, Pre Pro II Blue, original 1980 ‘ESB Blue’ which we are naming Empire Blue and the faded 1983 ‘ROTJ/SE ROTJ Blue’ which we are naming Jedi Blue’. 

The fabrics too have improved over the years. From the beginnings when Tackle Twill was thought to be the correct vest fabric, unusually so, as this material was only ever available in the US. Through PU fabrics and now on to the glacier finished cotton with cotton twill linings.

We started Boba Fett, making just a single flight suit and now we are able to offer flight suits, side pouches, Flak vests, cowls, gloves, glove kits and spats. Our journey does not end there though, there are still the capes to research, source correct materials and pattern. The journey of discovery is never ending, there is new information coming to light all the time, we just hope that with more help from Fett fans we can keep pushing our costumes forward.

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