The making of the Lando Calrissian Cloud City Administrator cloak

This cloak has been a long time in the making. It was originally set to be a charity project as members of our close families were treated for cancer, we hoped to make the cloak and auction it off for charity, which we still plan to do. Unfortunately life got in the way and this has been shelved for several years. Inspired by the success of our Lando Skiff Guard Helmets that Jude and Jon are working on I thought it was time to pull out the cloth and begin work on constructing the cloak. 

Back when we started researching the cloak Jude spent many an hour hunting down the correct fabrics, reaching out internationally. He finally managed to source the correct Dragon Brocade in the correct colour scheme and we had the fabric internationally shipped to us here in the UK. The cloak was very surprising, having estimated the amount of cloth we thought it would take, it actually took double. The cloak forms almost a complete circle. We have an existing large cutting table but that could only cater for half the cloak at once. Only the floor could accommodate this amount of cloth. There is a whopping twelve metres of cloth in just one robe. 

The outer fabric of the cloak is made from wool which we have also had to have specially dyed to a colour of our choice. The cloak has been patterned so the fall of the fabric replicates the original. As the lining fabric is only a narrow width, this has to be pieced. We have managed to pattern the cloak so the pieces join in the correct areas. Piecing the fabric also meant we had to pattern match the fabric, like matching wallpaper pattern we had to match up the Dragons and Foliage. The cloak is finished off with a luxurious soft black leather collar.

We are so impressed with this cloak we thought it only fitting to sell it fully displayed on the professional exhibition tailors dummy that it deserves. A museum quality linen covered tailors dummy has been sourced and we hope to include a signature coin plaque for the neck of the display. We hope you love this must have, stunning exhibition piece as much as we do. This will certainly be a rare piece and the pinnacle of any Star Wars Collectors collection.

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